About Me

My name is April, and I live in Congleton, Cheshire with my husband and two children.

I was trained with Nurturing Birth, in 2011, and became a recognized doula with Doula UK  in May 2013 after undergoing the recognition process. During my time as a doula I’ve been privileged to worked with a variety of families in a  wide range of birthing environments and circumstances.

I have found over the years how having the best information and support helps mothers face their births with confidence and hope, not fear or stress. In my role as a doula, I encourage a mother to identify what will best support her own natural oxytocin, allowing her body to do what it’s been designed to do, and then work to ensure she is supported in this during her birth. This will be different and unique to every woman.

As well as keeping up to date with the at times overwhelming amount of new research and information, my best learning happens every time I work with a new family and support another birth,

If you are wondering about the scope of practice of a doula, have a read of Doula UK’s Philosophy and Code of Conduct  which I adhere to.