Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s sings the praises of her doula

“So what do you do then?”
“I’m a doula”
“A what?”
“A doula, I’m with women when they have their babies and I offer emotional support” (or some other line that’s never really quite able to explain what it is I “do” or who I am)

So it’s always nice to read about doulas in the media, and although I’m not one for following celebrities, I can’t help but be thankful when a celebrity experiences a doula and then decides to share about it.

Here Jamie-Lynn Sigler shares her experience. 

The only downside is that people may mistakingly think of a doula as a celebrity luxury, an accessory, an add on for the mum who must “have it all”, right up there with her designer nursing dress, and her £500 bugaboo.

Every mother can benefit from the services of a doula, and many mothers have found hiring a doula was the best investment they made while preparing for the arrival of their baby.


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