Dad’s and Doulas

I came across an article (linked further down), written by a dad about doulas. I’m always interested in hearing from the perspective of the father. I certainly see that much of my role is not just about supporting the mother, but supporting the couple, and that often means reassuring the father and being there for him, so that the mother can relax and not worry about how their partner is coping!

I enjoyed reading his perspective, and I appreciate the fact that he is incredibly positive about using a doula for birth.

He does generalise a bit though as you will see when you read it. Men are certainly not “useless” in labour, and not all doulas are “the crunchy sort”.

He is also obviously writing from the other side of the pond, and much of his opinion is based on a North American birth setting, so not quite how it is over here in England, but still interesting to read if you are in a situation where you are considering a doula and wondering if it’s the right thing for your birth.

Here is the article: “I challenge you to a doula” 


Any thoughts?


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