Continuity of Care

So much of the model of midwifery lead care has changed over the years. Even as a doula, in a non medical role, I know that the relationship I have with a mother, and how well I know her, and my ability to be in tune with her can have a significant impact on the birth, how much more so with a midwife? Yet so many wonderfully passionate midwives are limited in their care because of the structures they are placed in and the huge emphasis placed on risk.

Here are some reflections from an independent midwife after 27 years of practice both within the NHS and out. 

It can often feel as though within current structures, mothers have little choice when it comes to the actual midwife who will be there on the day. They may not see the same midwife twice throughout the entire process. Women do have options though.

  • They can hire an independent midwife to look after them.
  • They can look for a service like One to One Midwives who strive to provide continuity of care for their clients.
  • They can hire a doula, who will come alongside them in a non medical but completely supportive role,  get to know them throughout their pregnancy and be present at the birth, and in the period following the birth.

When it comes to your birth, what will the continuity of care be like for you and your family? Will there be that one person, apart from a family member, who will be there throughout whom you know and trust? Perhaps it’s a good question to be asking as you plan for your birth. 

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