Birth Services


My hope for every mother is that they experience a positive and memorable birth that leaves them feeling confident as they enter motherhood. As a doula, my role is to first and foremost, listen to you and your hopes and preferences regarding birth. I can  signpost you to information that will help you in your choices, but I never give advice, or try and persuade you to have a certain “type” of birth. I have supported everything from a home water birth to a planned cesarian and several scenarios in between I offer a free no obligation interview where you can meet me and ask me any question and determine if I am the right Doula for you. I recommend meeting several doulas in order to find the right one!

The Birth Doula Package: £800

  • 2 antenatal visits lasting roughly 2 hours each. These sessions are relaxed and fun. and where we get to know each other, talk about birth, explore choices, and where you can articulate your hopes for your birth. There are several directions these sessions can take and each session will be tailor made for you as an individual or couple.
  • Access to my library of books, handouts, and dvd’s.
  • The option to borrow my birth pool.
  • Unlimited support over the phone and email any time you have a question or just want to chat something through.
  • Continuous support during your birth which includes a 4 week period where I am on call for you. This starts from the moment you want me there, until you are happy and settled with your new baby.
  • 1-2 post natal visits to check in with you, help with breastfeeding, try out slings, and process your experience.

My on call period starts from 38 weeks and goes until 42 weeks as most babies are born during this time. If you are expecting twins or have a history of earlier babies we can adjust this period. For further details on my birth support see here.

I am always willing to try help you meet your budget or arrange a suitable payment plan. I also have recource to the Doula UK Access fund (for women who do not have the means to employ support privately).  So if you would like to employ me but but need financial assistance, don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

Please contact me for for my availability.

Shared care: I prefer to limit the number of clients I take in order to give them my full support. However if I am not available for the entirety of your on call period, I can offer you the option of shared care with another doula that I know and trust. You will have the opportunity to meet her before the birth and benefit from her input and support as well, so in the unlikely event that I am unable to be there, you will have the support of a doula you have met and feel comfortable with.

The number of visits is not set in stone. If you book me a long time in advance of your birth, it may be useful to meet up more than twice before the birth.  I’m also available for extra visits during the on call period when you just need a bit of encouragement or distraction. Additionally, if you are interested in just ante-natal support sessions, we can arrange these as well. We can discuss these details more during an interview!