All the best to Kate for your birth! You can do this!

I lived in Ireland for two years in my early 20’s. Long before the ideas and issues of birth were anywhere on my radar. I made some wonderful friends during that time who I still keep in touch with today. We’ve all moved on to marriage and babies and and new jobs and all sorts of things, but there is nothing I have loved more than to ‘doula’ these friends from a distance. We’ve had phone long phone conversations, exchanged long facebook messages, shared links, and with one dear friend, texts at the start of her labour.

One of my good friends from Ireland sent me this article this morning. We’re all excited for Kate Middleton to have her baby, and this article talks about how important it is for those who want and plan for a normal birth experience to be surrounded with encouragement. There is so much in the system that is stacked against women having a positive experience that we need to support each other as much as we can.

Anyway, here is the article, and to Kate, you have many women who are standing behind you, wishing you well, and believing you can do this! you were made for this!

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