Healthy Snacks for Pregnancy

I love flapjacks. There is something so incredibly nourishing, comforting, and delicious about oats when sweetened up and baked, even better when they are topped with chocolate. If ever I make a tray of flapjacks, I can almost always be blamed for consuming  most of them. I just find them irresistible. Although often seen as a “healthy snack” because of the ingredients of Oats, most flapjacks are made with golden syrup and brown sugar. I’m not going to lecture us all about the evils of sugar and other refined sweeteners, because it’s one of those ingredients that’s very difficult to avoid completely. It seems to be in everything.

When we’re pregnant, or looking after a new baby, we still need comfort food! We need something to reach for, to nibble on, and to give us energy and make us feel good! Here is one of the ways I have found to transform the beloved flapjack into a healthy treat that provides not only energy, but iron, calcium, magnesium, and other good things.

Here are the ingredients:

flapjack ingredients


So we all know that Oats are healthy. They still provide the base for this version! (don’t worry I have not messed with it that much!) Whether you use good old fashioned butter or an alternative is entirely your choice. Although usually I go for using butter in baking, I find that Pura works well in flapjacks as it makes them a little bit more chewy! It’s dairy free and contains no hydrogenated fats, artificial additives, or genetically modified ingredients. One of my favourite ingredients in this recipe is the black strap molasses. This is what I use instead of the golden syrup. It’s full of iron, calcium, magnesium, and is just one of those all over good health foods! It also adds a distinctive taste. Coconut Sugar is what I use in place of normal refined sugar or brown sugar. As someone who loves the taste of brown sugar, this is the one ingredient that I found difficult to replace. Coconut sugar is still sugar, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a miracle replacement, however it’s lower GI, and retains more nutrients than normal sugar. so used in moderation, it’s a good alternative.

I firmly believe that everyone needs a bit of chocolate. I agree that chocolate is far too excessive nowadays and we can consume far too much sugar and milk laden low quality chocolate without even really appreciating it, just because we’re so addicted to the stuff. But it does not mean we should ditch it entirely. Chocolate is amazing, and a moderate amount of dark chocolate provides this flapjack with that bit of something that makes it such an irresistible snack.

So here’s my recipe.

350 Grams of Oats
175 Grams of Butter or a Non Hydrogenated dairy free alternative.
125 Grams of coconut sugar
55 Grams of Black Strap Molasses
1 bar of dark chocolate

Melt the butter (or alternative) together with the molasses. Add the coconut sugar and melt it all together. Add this to the oats and mix together. Press into a greased or lined square baking dish. Bake at 180 for 18 minutes or until the edges look a bit brown. Immediately after taking out of the oven, top with broken pieces of the chocolate bar. Wait for the chocolate to start to melt and gently spread across the top. Let the flapjacks cool until the chocolate has gone solid again. Cut into squares. flapjacks photo

Enjoy…in moderation. Or not.

Alternative idea. instead of topping with chocolate, you can add 1 tsp. of cinnamon to the mixture to enjoy a lovely cinnamon taste! You can also just use the “normal” ingredients in the same quantities!

Here are some I prepared for a client earlier:


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